The First Day – A rhyme

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Twas the night before the first day of school,
And Mommy was sleeping, She was no fool.

For she had spent the days before,
Buying school supplies galore.

Stuffing the backpacks up to the top,
With glue sticks, crayons and a giant pencil box.

Individually labeled each item was,
Per teachers direction and also because.

The backpacks were lined up by the front door,
So that in the morning finding them would not be a chore.

New clothes were laid out and everything ready,
And my head in the morning certainly would be heavy.

For waking up early is just not my thing,
Let’s just say in the shower I do not sing.

And not to let down and perfectly early,
The children arose in a frenzied flurry.

Excited and ready to start school and see friends,
They are not really upset about summer’s end.

And neither is Mom, in fact I am rather glad,
They need a break from each other and from the “fun” that we have had.

Starting a new grade is going to be great!
Homework, band, projects and more soon on the plate.

So for the first few days we let it all sink in,
While I dream about sleeping in again.

For the next nine months I will be in three different grades,
While I room mom, drive and volunteer in spades.

My big assignment for this next year should be,
Learning to say “No” instead of “we’ll see”.

So day one is done and my wine glass is ready,
To help me relax – wait my eyes are already heavy.

Good night to all, See you in the morning.
The alarm will go off without enough warning.

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