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Make your Internet Child Friendly


Internet safety is a hot button topic for any parent with young children. There are so many tools and settings at our disposal and it is so hard to navigate through the choices. I have spent time over the past 9 years trying to find things that work for my children, yet provide the level ...

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I just say No – to Go Daddy

When I mentioned I was anti-GoDaddy a few days ago, one of you asked why. So I decided to go ahead and share my conversion story. For years I had ordered my domains from GoDaddy both personally and for an organization that I was a part ...

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iPhone and Online Safety

This is the rest of the article that I wrote for a local parenting newsletter - and I thought I would share it here. It only takes one click to land on an unwanted website. Even on sites as benign as Disney and Nick, Jr. children are exposed to ads (static and pop-up) and ...

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For us Dummies

Check out this wall at Fry's (aka as the Geek's Home Depot) of "For Dummies" books. I just had to laugh as I walked past. According to Wikipedia there are over 1700 books in the Dummies series. Imagine that wall.

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Domain Love .com

14 or 15. What is that number? I think it is the number of domains that I currently own. That does not include the ones that I let expire this year (the ones that expired had never seen even a homepage) or the one I ...

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