Bloggy Boot Camp the quick version

Right about the time I had the brilliant idea for this blog I stumbled across the great group of bloggers known as the The SITS Girls. While browsing their site and joining the community of fabulous bloggers, I found it – Bloggy Boot Camp and it was near me in San Francisco! The downer . . . they were on a wait list. So I emailed and go on the list not really expecting to get in, but I did. This was my first “industry” conference and I was very excited about just having the day away from the kids and spending the day with other women who get it.

So this past Saturday was the big day. I drove into the city (which is huge for me with my dislike of driving in big places and my general lack of direction) and successfully navigated to the gorgeous Westin St. Francis. Even with my parking at the wrong Westin, I was only 15 minutes late and did remember where my car was for my return home.

The day was packed full of great speakers and fun conversation with a variety of women. Topics ranged from blogging, writing, monetizing, privacy issues and more . . . but here are my top takeaways in a condensed form.

1. When and if you vlog – make it short under 3 minutes. Keep an eye on hair, backgrounds, etc.

2. Reviews are not evil. You should share things you actually are passionate about. But give information as a story.

3. If you want to do reviews – have a PR policy in place and posted somewhere.

4. Install Google Analytics.

5. Make sure to use images with Creative Commons license or get permission for any images used.

6. Providing value to readers is the way to go.

7. Write on paper a goal, elevator pitch or go all out with a business plan. You have to have a goal or you won’t have any idea what you are trying to accomplish.

8. Get the kids domain names registered now to have when they are older.

9. Write. Write often. And remember not to get discouraged too easily.

2 Responses to Bloggy Boot Camp the quick version
  1. Susan Liddy
    August 25, 2010 | 5:58 pm

    Yes, I also learned that there are two Westin’s in SF! Ha!
    Are you the woman I walked back with to the parking garage?!

    • me
      August 26, 2010 | 2:54 am

      Yes! That was me.

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